Handy analytics resources

A bunch of links to useful resources of various different types.

They're split into three sections:

  • conferences/research, which can help keep up-to-date with the latest advances in football analytics
  • guides/courses, helping to get started with football analytics yourself (not an exhaustive list, but if it was it'd take all day to read it)
  • tools: coding packages and online applications to


  • 'Friends of Tracking' YouTube series (includes creating shot maps, pass maps, heat maps, expected goals model, pitch control model)
  • Github repository for the course is here
  • Open StatsBomb data tutorials using R - article link here, and another PDF helper sheet is linked in the article (covers some basics of loading StatsBomb's open data and basics of R, using the StatsBomb data)
  • FC Python web scraping tutorials


  • Directory of useful sport-specific coding packages (predominantly in R and Python)