Targets & why you should support

This page has three sections:

  • Why you should support
  • How to support
  • Targets

Why you should support Get Goalside

If you want to know more and think better about football analytics - and football in general - Get Goalside is your newsletter.

Supporting is the way Get Goalside keeps going.

There will be some perks too. 'Research in focus' pieces will be available to supporters for a month before being opened up to everyone. Future Q&As or mailbag posts might involve supporters getting priority with their questions or being a supporter-only edition in their entirety. Also the satisfaction of knowing you're part of a good, wholesome enterprise.

How to support

There are two supporter tiers, simply a way of trying to replicate a 'Pay What You Want' system on a newsletter platform that doesn't currently offer one. Hit the button below to sign up.

Upgrade to paid

If you'd prefer, you can give a one-off donation through Ko-fi, through the button below, although you won't get the benefits of being a paid supporter.

Also, make sure you're keeping up-to-date in other ways. Add the site to your browser favourites, make it an icon on your phone. Tap and read about football analytics next time you're tempted onto Twitter!


The main target is to make stuff people want to read, but beyond that, there are some subscription income goals. Based on an expected average supporter subscription of somewhere between £2-£3 per month...

Target One: Cover costs (~15 paid supporters)

Newsletter provider, domain hosting costs, taxes, wanting a healthy buffer for all of the above

Target Two: Some video (50 paid supporters)

There are some newsletter editions - like the 'everything you need to know about...' pieces or the Moneyball and Charles Reep ones - which I think would work well as video content. The written word isn't for everyone, and I think it'd be nice if people who prefer video can get Get Goalside.