Fixture schedule

Hi everyone. First of all, a couple of weeks back this lil niche newsletter passed 300 subscribers, which I’m taken aback and grateful for. Thanks to all of you who’ve subscribed.

Secondly, between work and not 100% over the weekend-to-Monday period, I’ve decided to postpone this week’s newsletter. I prefer the word ‘postpone’ to ‘cancel’, but really this is a Bolton Wanderers-Brentford situation.

I’d rather miss a week than put out a completely rushed and shoddy post, particularly given that neither the FA Cup final nor the Champions League final made interesting analysis viewing. No-one likes breaking down a walkover.

I will get one out next week though, and continue them through the summer. This is with the exception of the World Cup this summer, because I’m already planning to be busy with exciting other things during it.

Apologies, and I’ll see you all next week. Back stronger.