About the wonderful football analytics newsletter that is Get Goalside

Get Goalside is the newsletter that'll both keep you up-to-date with the football analytics world and make it simple to understand. It looks at where football is heading, on and off the pitch. It reads the methodology sections of analytics papers so you don't have to.

Amongst a lot of other great things, there are explainer pieces to give you all you need to know about key analytics topics:

Explainers - Get Goalside

And there are Research in Focus pieces, easy-to-read summaries of the best analytics research out there.

Research in Focus: Quantifying Finishing Skill
Where the future of football is heading

Get Goalside doesn't believe that money should be a barrier to learning about football analytics, so there's no lasting paywalls. If you're able to and would like to support the work of Get Goalside financially, you can sign up as a supporter for as little as £2 per month.